Plan Your Itinerary

Plan Your Itinerary

So much to do so little time ...

60 miles West of Washington D.C. in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Skyline Vineyard Inn at Little Washington Virginia is the perfect base camp for exploration and relaxation. People come here to sample fine wines, explore unique art galleries and shops, stroll through the historic town George Washington designed, hike, bike and drive Skyline Drivekayak, raft or float down the Shenandoah River, visit the museums of Shenandoah National Park, go to the caverns, learn to fly fish, go ziplining, and enjoy Foodie Destination dining at unique area restaurants.

  • Culinary classes happen every weekend all year round at Little Washington Winery
  • Shenandoah National Park features hiking, biking, horseback riding
  • Shenandoah River is the spot for rafting, kayaking, tubing, fly fishing
  • Skyline Drive is America's favorite scenic road
  • 4 wineries, 2 breweries & a distillery all in a 3 mile loop from Skyline Vineyard Inn

From this page you can plan the perfect itinerary to experience all the best things our neighborhood has to offer. Check out each of the tabs above for ideas.

Want Transportation?

Integrity Chauffer - Car or Bus - call Gary at 540-229-7466

Rappahannock Flyer - Classic car excursions to wineries, restaurants and shops, art galleries and scenic drives in a restored 1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan. Max 4 people. 540-937-7277


Culinary Seminars

Culinary Seminars


Experience Virginia Wine Country in a whole new way with educational and upscale tasting components. Take a class. Participate in our Vintners Table. Get hands-on with a Chef, a winemaker or a sommelier in our teaching kitchen. Home of the Foodie~U Wine School, we host 12 different wine & food pairing classes. Check our class calendar and come out to play:

Click here for the Calendar 

Wine Bootcamp - in 2 hours we'll turn you into a certified wine snob

80 Minutes Around the World - an 80 minute wine geography lesson

Cheeseology - turn the 6 categories of cheese into perfect pairings

The Aromas of Wine - explore the pleasures of using your olfactory system

Triple Threat - Chocolate Cheese & Wine - don't try this at home!

15 Rules of Food & Wine Pairing - get perfect pairings every time

How to Pair Dessert & Wine - Yes it can be done

Guess the $100 Bordeaux - guess the $100 bottle and win a prize

South African Wines - Hottest new wine region

The World of Malbecs - Taste the darling of American wine

Blending Class - Make your own perfect masterpiece of wine

Virginia Versus The World - Virginia wines take on the world

The Walk-in Choco~Vino Challenge - a 20 minute guided lesson. 

Vintners Table - learning lunch - travel the world through food & wine

Coming Soon - Teaching Kitchen - Bring out your inner chef to play!

Wine Country

Wine Country

Tell our neighbors we sent you on The ultimate treasure hunt ~ 4 Farm Wineries, 2 Breweries and a Whiskey Distillery are all in a three mile loop from Skyline Vineyard Inn: 

Little Washington Winery - Home of the Foodie~U Wine School, hosting 12 different wine seminars, including everyone's favorite Wine Bootcamp. Classes happen at 11am and 2:30pm every Saturday and Sunday. Participate in some fun education with winemakers. Taste "George" the wine named the #1 red wine in Virginia. Do the Dirt Road Wine Tour - tastings are different here every weekend, featuring the most incredible wines you'll never find without us. 

Skyline Vineyard - Skyline Vineyard (the newest hot spot in Virginia Wine Country) is making wine tasting fun again! It's all about discovering iconic masterpiece blends. Taste 5 of our own wines + 2 more iconic masterpiece blends at the tasting bar. Do a blending session and experiment with your own concoctions. Mix and match single varietals to make your own perfect masterpiece of wine. Sign up for a blending class or the Vintners Table Learning lunch. The expansive "Gone With The Wind" porch at 973' in elevation, hosts food and wine learning samplers.

Quievremont Vineyards - Located in the lush Blue Ridge Mountain foothills at the center of Reality Farm, a farm established circa 1753. The wine’s name derives from old French meaning goat hill, and is appropriate to the vineyard’s setting amidst the farm’s cattle and goat herds. The vines enjoy an ideal micro-climate, with plenty of sunshine, gentle breezes and fine soils, producing grapes that yield memorable wines with unique characteristics.

Gadino Cellars - an Italian-inspired tasting room or on the expansive deck overlooking the gardens, the vineyards and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Tours of the wine cellar are available by appointment.

Copper Fox Distillery - Home of Wasmund's Single Malt Whiskey. The only distillery in North America malting its own barley. Come see how the combination of tradition and creativity make your new favorite whiskey.

Pen Druid Brewery - The three musician brothers Lain, Van and Jennings Carney created Pen Druid Brewing in Sperryville. The brothers brew beer like their approach to music … outside the mainstream, favoring the weird over the mundane and the nuanced over the obvious.  Using as many local ingredients as possible, they capture the spirit of Virginia in their beers.

Hopkins Ordinary Ale Works - Nano brew beer made with local barley malted by neighbors at Copper Fox Distillery, and local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible, such as hops, honey, fruit and herbs.

Skyline Wine Whiskey Beer Trail - If you are still having fun visiting wineries, go a little further and you'll hit many more. The best wineries in Virginia accumulate along and just off of Route 211.


Rappahannock FlyerClassic car excursions to wineries, restaurants and shops, art galleries and scenic drives in a restored 1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan. Max 4 people. 540-937-7277

Want Transportation? Call Gary at Integrity Chauffer 540-229-7466


SNP Hikers Guide

SNP Hikers Guide

All the Shenandoah National Park info you need right here in one little spot!

Shenandoah National Park (SNP), just 75 miles from the bustle of Washington, D.C., is the perfect escape for relaxation and recreation. With over 500 miles of fantastic trails, Shenandoah is definitely hiker-central!

We're located in the foothills below Skyline Drive's Milepost 31 at the Thornton Gap entrance. This is SNPs most popular entrance (because this is where the best hikes, overlooks and amenities are). Cascading waterfalls, spectacular vistas, quiet wooded hollows — take a hike, check out the overlooks and picnic on top of the mountains. Don't miss Skyland's famous Mile High Blackberry Ice Cream Pie  & gift shop, and the SNP museum and tour of the Summer White House at Big Meadow.

Our Favorite Hikes

 (click image for map)

Old Rag Hike

Old Rag Mountain - 9.2 miles - 2380 elevation - Very Strenuous

Old Rag is the centerpiece of our panoramic view and Shenandoah's most popular and most dangerous hike. The number of blogs and websites about this hike attests to its popularity. The number of search and rescue missions each year attests to its danger. There's no doubt that the scramble is great fun and the views are spectacular. A day on Old Rag is one of Shenandoah's premier experiences. It has one of the most challenging rock scrambles in the park. The Loop is a 9 mile trail that will take you all day so plan to rise early. Old Rag is considered to be THE best hike in Shenandoah National Park and one of the top 5 hikes in America. It is considered the 2nd most dangerous hike in America so go prepared with lunch and lots of water, not just a small water bottle. After you make it to the top, don't worry ... take the fire road down to make the whole thing a bit easier!

Although Old Rag Mountain is within the boundaries of Shenandoah National Park, most people approach it from the park's eastern boundary. Follow these directions to get to the trailhead: From Sperryville, Route 211: Take Route 522 south for .8 mile. Turn right onto Route 231 and go 8 miles. $10 parking if you don't have a Shenandoah Pass, $10 parking on the old lady's private property if the Old Rag lot is full. Expect a lot of crowds but the payoff is great.

(click image for map)

Milepost 19.4 - Devil Stairs - 5.6 miles - 1897 elevation - Strenuous

Big Devil Stairs hike is one of the more scenic gorge hikes in the Shenandoah National Park with two nice overlooks of the gorge and valley below. Little Devil Stairs, a 5.6-mile lasso loop scrambles upstream to waterfalls splashing in the deep gorge. Veer off-trail on Little Devil Stairs for stellar views like nothing else in Shenandoah.

Park at the end of VA670/Keyser Run Road and parking area for Little Devils Stairs. ... Because of the steep grade the first two miles of the Little Devils Stairs hike can be tough if the day is warm. You'll work a little on the first two miles but it is worth it. There are numerous waterfalls along the run if the water levels are up. The trail begins up the right side of the parking lot on the blue blazed Little Devils Stairs Trail. After 0.9 miles the grade will increase sharply as the trail climbs the ravine, and starts crisscrossing Keyser Run. Trail is hard to spot in places and you have to look for the blue blazes on the trees. As you climb up the gorge there are several spots that require hand over hand climbing.

At 1.8 miles the Little Devils Stairs Trail becomes less steep, then makes several switchbacks before leveling off completely and arriving at the intersection of the Keyser Run Fire Road, and four way junction.

Turn left down the yellow blazed Keyser Run Fire Road and in 2.0 miles enter an old hemlock forest before arriving at the Bolen Cemetery and intersection of the for the the Hull School Trail. Stay left down the yellow blazed Keyser Run Fire road as it becomes steeper for the final 1.1 miles back to the parking area.

(click image for map)

Milepost 22.2 - Matthews Arm Overall Run Falls 3.8 Miles - Moderate

Biggest falls in Shenandoah at 93 feet. From the Mathews Arm Campground registration parking area at mile 22.2, take Traces Trail to the yellow-blazed Mathews Arm Road. The road becomes Mathews Arm Trail. Stay on the right at its intersection with Beecher Ridge Trail and continue on Mathews Arm Trail following it to the intersection with Tuscarora-Overall Run Trail. Go left and follow it about a tenth of a mile to a side trail. From here you can see the upper falls. Retrace your steps back to your starting point. NOTE: Unless rain is plentiful, Overall Run Falls may have minimal to no water flow.

(click image for map)

Milespost 31.6 - Mary's Rock - Easy

Mary's Rock summit is a fun, easy hike, and the view at the top is literally breathtaking. Mary’s Rock is one of the loveliest hikes at Shenandoah National Park and not nearly as crowded as better-known White Oak Canyon or Old Rag. There are several ways to do this hike, depending on how far you want to walk. The prettiest and longest option is a half-day out and back 6.2-mile hike that starts from the Jewell Hollow Overlook parking lot and follows the AT until it reaches the blue-blazed Mary’s Rock Spur trail in the last 0.1 miles. At the summit, there is plenty of space to relax and enjoy the view. Hikers can enjoy 270-degree vistas of foliage and gently rolling mountains. There is a fairly lengthy uphill section on the way back, which can be challenging when you’ve already been walking 4.5 miles. The trail itself is peaceful and picturesque and features intermittent 180-degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and valleys below at several small overlooks. The trail is rocky in a few spots making it a bit tricky to maneuver at times. Experienced hikers looking for an all-day challenge can catch the Buck Hollow/Buck Ridge trailhead from a small parking lot right off of Route 211, about 2 miles west of Central Coffee Roasters. Buck Hollow/Buck Ridge adds another 1,400 feet of elevation gain for a total elevation gain of 2,600 feet spread over 9 miles. For shorter hike options, you can catch the trailhead from the Meadow Springs parking (mile 33.5) or the Panorama parking lot (mile 31.6). Both of these options are under 4 miles round-trip but significantly steeper than the Jewell Hollow route.  

(click image for map)

Milepost 41.6 - Stony Man Trails - 1.6 miles - Easiest

Parking for the Stony Man hike is on milepost 41.6 of skyline drive. Look for the concrete mile markers as you drive. When you pull into the parking lot and you are facing the woods, you will see a trail to your left and right corner of the parking lot. We took the trail on the right side of the parking lot. There is a sign with a large map on it, take a minute to orient yourself. I believe both trails meet at the 4 way intersection but just so we are on the same page. This trail covers Stony Man and Little Stony Man, both are worth seeing. This is a short, easy hike that will take you to some of the best views in Shenandoah National Park. It's an easy, 2.9 mile walk along (mostly) the Appalachian Trail to the summit of Shenandoah's second highest peak. The two main vantage points along the way provide nice views of Skyline Drive and Skyland Resort below. As an added bonus, it's perfect for catching the sunset without a long walk back to your car in the dark. If you're looking to increase the level of difficulty, there is an alternate, moderate trail option that increases the mileage and leads to Little Stony Man Cliffs, just below the main peak, which is a popular rock wall with local climbers. Make sure to pick a haze free day, because you don't want to miss all the views along the the ridge!

(click image for map)

Milepost 41.6 - Skyland Resort

Skyland’s Pollock Dining Room serves wonderful regional specialties with farm-to-fork flavors and sumptuous views of the Shenandoah Valley. And considering the elevation of Skyland, it’s only natural that Mile-High Blackberry Ice Cream Pie is a house specialty! They also host annual holiday buffets. 

Decades before Shenandoah National Park was established, vacationers traveled to Skyland Resort seeking respite from urbanized, mechanized city life. The resort was created in the late 1800s and grew in popularity among middle class business people in nearby urban areas.

George Freeman Pollock, dynamic and gregarious, managed Skyland with a showman's flair. His ever-present bugle awoke guests each morning, summoned them to meals and elaborate entertainments, and announced the departure of the daily mail.

Pollock promoted the resort through his newspaper, The Stony Man Camp Bugle Call. Published somewhat erratically, the paper provides a glimpse into daily life at the resort we know today as Skyland.

(click image for map)

Milepost 42.6 - White Oak Canyon - 4.6 miles - moderate but long

This has to be the best waterfall hike in the Shenandoah National Park with six waterfalls, cascading from 35 to 86 feet. There are swimming holes at the bottom of each waterfall, but do not expect much privacy because they are quite popular. 

The trailhead begins directly across Skyline Drive from Skyland Resort, making easy access to restaurants and facilities when you are finished hiking at Skyland. The disclaimer is ... if you park there you will be walking down, down, down and then having to walk all the way back up to get to your vehicle after you have had a long, exhausting day. Be sure to bring your son so that you can say, "We quit. We can't possibly walk one more inch. Can you please run and get the car before it gets dark?"

Whiteoak Canyon can also be accessed from the Park boundary at the base of the mountains with an easy two mile hike up to the first waterfall if you want to do the hard part (uphill) first and then go downhill on the way back. (From Syria, VA, follow Weakley Hollow Road to Chad Berry Lane, park in lot. Porta-johns available. Pay is on-your-honor.) Start the trail indicated until it splits...left to Cedar Run Trail/Falls, which I understand is a much longer trail, or right to stay on Whiteoak Canyon Trail/Falls, a shorter yet extremely pleasant hike. The trail follows the river the entire time, and there are 3 gorgeous waterfalls as well as many smaller rushes of water. The trail is a gradual elevation, with just a couple of places to climb under/over fallen trees, but overall very nice. There are many places along the way to stop and take pictures or eat lunch. After the 3rd significant waterfall, the trail ended and there was just some broken chicken wire which apparently at one time had been intended to block hikers from going further? We decided to see what was beyond that. With no trail it required a lot of rock (boulder) scrambling and leaping. This part would not have been for the faint of heart. However, we were SO glad we continued, because within a half mile we were rewarded with the largest waterfall yet, with a gorgeous pool of water at the bottom. 

The adventurous, physically fit hikers can take the steep 4.6 miles hike to the Upper Falls, Whiteoak's highest waterfall at 86 feet. Return trip is very steep. Consider your physical condition and available time before continuing past the upper falls. Add an additional 2.7 miles round trip (1100’ elevation change) to lower falls and return.

Those who love to push themselves may enjoy the strenuous hike around the Cedar Run/ Whiteoak Circuit, which provides views of a few of the waterfalls. (Mile 45.6) – very strenuous 8.2-mile circuit hike. From Hawksbill Gap, take Cedar Run-Link-Whiteoak-Whiteoak Fire Road-Horse Trail.  Be sure to bring plenty of water.

(click image for map)

Milepost 45.5 - Hawksbill Loop - 2.9 miles - Moderate

Hawks Bill Summit is the highest point in Shenandoah National Park. A hike to the summit of Hawks Bill Mountain will not only put you at the highest point in Shenandoah National Park (4050'), but you'll have a 270 degree view perfect for a sunset. Best View we've Ever Seen. This is a quick 45 minute hike up. It is fairly easy but closer to the summit it gets very steep. Once you get to the summit there is a big boulder with 3 trails, make sure to take the one on the right- that has the best views. You can see 360 degrees, hear the falls below and see the Linville River. Absolutely beautiful and so fun to climb around the rocks on the summit. This loop starts with the Hawksbill Summit Trail that begins at the Lower Hawksbill Parking lot. The trailhead is a large white oak tree and from that point going forward this is an extremely steep 1.5-mile journey to the peak. At the top, you'll reach the day use shelter and the extremely photogenic "Byrds Nest" is just 50' past that. 

Hawksbill Gap Loop via Appalachian Trail is a 2.6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Syria, Virginia that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

(click image for map)

Milepost 51 - Big Meadow

Big Meadow is a great place for lunch and a cool place to wander. There’s no right or wrong way to do it; just follow the animals’ paths. Every season will reveal something special: wildflowers, fawns, butterflies, tracks in the snow—you never know what you might find. There are several hikes that start from here. Click the image for the area map. Campgrounds open beginning in spring, usually late March with Big Meadows opening first, followed by Lewis Mountain in April, and Mathews Arm and Dundo in May. Campgrounds begin closing in late fall. Big Meadow contains the park's Harry F. Byrd Visitor Center that walks you through the history of the building of SNP.  

(click image for map)

Rapidan Camp (also known as Camp Hoover)

Built by U.S. President Herbert Hoover and his wife Lou Henry Hoover, and served as their rustic retreat throughout Hoover's administration from 1929 to 1933. The first family's residential cabin was known as the "Brown House" in contrast to their more famous residence, the White House. During the summer months, ranger-led tours of the camp are available, leaving from the Harry F. Byrd Visitor Center; tours are also sometimes given at other times. Reservations are required and can be made online at or by calling (877) 444-6777. Request the "Special Tours" category and specify Rapidan Camp. Reservations can be made up to six months in advance. The camp features the president's cabin, The Brown House, which has been historically refurnished to its 1929 appearance. 

(click image for map)

Milepost 56.4 - Bear Fence Mountain

Bear fence Mountain has a short, but deceptively challenging hike in the central district of Shenandoah National Park. Although it measures just 1.2 miles, it’s not for the faint of heart when it comes to heights. A photo taken from the correct location shows nothing but sky behind the person on the ledge. It has become a ritual to take photos of each other from this vantage point on each hike up Bear fence. If there are three or more in the party, the photo may show a second person on the close side of the outcropping stretching out a hand in a staged attempt to “save” the person who is pretending to be falling.

After Hike Activity: When you hike Old Rag make sure to get a selfie on top of the summit. If you get down the mountain before 5pm pop over to Little Washington Winery in the same shirt with your selfie to show us you hiked it that same day. Wow - what an accomplishment - we'd like to buy you a glass of wine!  

From the deck at Little Washington Winery you can take another selfie of you and your glass of wine with the giant backdrop of Old Rag in the background for a cool memory of your hiking adventure!  




Incredible dining happens here ...

60 miles west of Washington DC is "Little" Washington, the town George designed in Rappahannock County Virginia. This place has been in the news every week lately ... being touted as Washington DC's hottest new Foodie Destination.

A treasure trove of bucket-list restaurants and unique independent eateries have converged in this area. Why? You'll see why when you come here ... the gorgeous serenity of the Blue Ridge mountains completes the ultimate Foodie meal! 


In Little Washington (2 miles East):

The Inn at Little Washington - 2 miles east of Skyline Vineyard Inn, The Inn at Little Washington just got named the 5th best restaurant in the world and third highest rated in North America by the French La Liste. It also recently received 3 Michelin Stars. Chef Patrick O’Connell’s approach to cooking pays homage to the tenets of classical French cuisine and reflects a belief in “the cuisine of today” — healthy, eclectic, imaginative, unrestricted by ethnic boundaries. It has received five James Beard Awards, including Best Restaurant in America and Best chef in the U.S. It is also the longest tenured Forbes five star restaurant in America. Awarded 3 Michelin Stars, five stars by Forbes Travel Guide; AAA’s Five Diamond Award; Wine Spectator Grand Award; Conde Naste Traveler’s Gold List; Travel & Leisure’s Top Hotels in the World.

Tula's Restaurant and Bar - 2 miles east of Skyline Vineyard Inn, American Rustic Cuisine Open Table's Top 10 Neighborhood Gems in the D.C. area 2016 Food & Wine Magazines "Best New Place" to eat in Virginia wine country. Tula’s Restaurant & Bar offers lunch, dinner, and brunch service in historic Washington, Virginia. Featuring a full spirits, wine, and draft beer selection, It's a great spot for a business lunch or romantic dinner, They work hard to source the finest, freshest, local farm-to-table ingredients.

Foster Harris House - 2 miles east of Skyline Vineyard Inn, Foster Harris House is pleased to have José De Brito as your Chef de Cuisine! José was born and raised just outside of Paris. As he progressed in the culinary world, he worked in New York City, then moved to Charlottesville where his restaurant was among twenty-five James Beard Award semi-finalists for Best New Restaurant in the United States. The following year, José was a James Beard Award semi-finalist for the Best Chef of the Mid-Atlantic region. He came to Washington Virginia to work at the renowned Inn at Little Washington, and has now taken the helm at Foster Harris House, where he personally caters to the intimate & limited seating for up to 10 guests.

In Sperryville (2 miles West):

Before & After -  2 miles west of Skyline Vineyard Inn, a country-chic espresso cafe and wine bar focused on bringing local, seasonal food and global flavors to the charming little farm village of Sperryville. A great place to grab a coffee or eat a healthy lunch.

Rappahannock Pizza Kitchen - 2 miles west of Skyline Vineyard Inn, Neapolitan style pizzas — thin crust — baked in a wood-fired oven. Selections include Classic Marinara, The Greek, The Prosciutto, The Farmer, Spicy Soppressata, and House Italian, or you can build your own pizza. 

Headmaster's Pub - 2 miles west of Skyline Vineyard Inn, Our casual restaurant with a billards room and an extensive beer selection. The only spot in Sperryville with live music every weekend, located in the Sperryville Schoolhouse building. Open late on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sperryville Trading - 3 miles west of Skyline Vineyard Inn, Good food. Casual Dining. Local farm fresh eggs, local grass fed beef, fresh baked organic honey wheat breads, premium ingredients – all made fresh when you place your order!! Our favorite spot for last minute hiking provisions - past the town of Sperryville closer to SNP with a good selection of hiking snackables and drinks. 

Three Blacksmiths - 2 miles west of Skyline Vineyard Inn, Three Blacksmiths just got named the #2 best new restaurant in America by USA Today. It has already gained the attention of food critic Tom Sietsema at the Washington Post. A fixed weekly dinner menu of local, seasonal, handcrafted foods from Rappahannock County, Virginia and nearby. Dinner is served on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00 pm by online reservation. With just 16 seats and one seating time, the restaurant is yours for the evening. 

In Flint Hill (6 miles East):

The Blue Door Kitchen - 6 miles northeast of Skyline Vineyard Inn, is the Blue Door Kitchen in Flint Hill. Long-time fan of chef Andrea Pace of Fairfax’s now-closed Villa Mozart, Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema, found and followed him to his new restaurant, Chef Pace found this place and fell in love. He has chosen to complete his dining experience with the serenity of the Blue Ridge mountains in this special spot.This is the newest upscale restaurant in the area, with the best dining deck in Rappahannock County. Classic old world cuisine fused with modern technique and flair, warm hospitality and unparalleled service. Signature dishes take you to Chef Andrea Pace’s childhood home in Italy, where German is also spoken – sharing the menu with seasonal offerings inspired by the unique flavors of this region. Chef Pace's ever-evolving seasonal menu showcases the restaurant's relationships with local farms and purveyors.  

Griffin Tavern - 6 miles east of Skyline Vineyard Inn, In the mood for Fine dining or Sports Bar - choose your adventure right here. This social gathering place for locals and weekenders features savory food in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, whether you like a small cozy room, a lively sports bar or an inviting deck. Weekends: live music and/or karaoke. Weeknights: darts, chess and trivia in the bar area. Open late on Friday and Saturday nights.

Skyward Cafe - 6 miles east of Skyline Vineyard Inn, locally sourced breakfast and lunch entrees, homemade baked goods, ice cream, fresh smoothies and coffee drinks. 

Want Transportation?

Integrity Chauffer - Car or Bus - call Gary at 540-229-7466

Rappahannock Flyer - Classic car excursions to wineries, restaurants and shops, art galleries and scenic drives in a restored 1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan. Max 4 people. 540-937-7277



Little Washington

Two miles East of Skyline Vineyard Inn

The village of Little Washington takes you back in time to when life was fancy and demanded grand style. George Washington laid out the town when he was 17 years old. Today the entire village is a National Treasure. One-of-a-kind world class boutiques and galleries intertwine with history here. Be sure to get a town map at Wine Loves Chocolate to use as you stroll through the historic district.

Wine Loves Chocolate - Named Virginia's best retail wine shop, this little shop is loaded with artisan wines and small batch artisan chocolates. Stop in for the Choco~Vino Challenge and learn how to pair wines with chocolates. Build your own box of chocolates to take home. Pick up a strolling map of Washington here. 

The Shops at The Inn - The Inn at Little Washington's Tavern Shops are housed in the old Tavern building. Built in 1740, it now houses a series of 5 charmingly decorated period rooms offering a wide variety of tableware, furnishings, gifts, antiques, jewelry, kitchenware and delicacies from The Inn at Little Washington kitchen. 

Middle Street Gallery - Located adjacent to The Inn at Little Washington, this shop is a conglomeration of beautiful and interesting finds in the world of collectibles. The back room holds another treasure trove of goodies including lovely primitives, kitchen collectibles, toys, knickknacks and interesting works of art and collectible clocks.

Geneva Welch Gallery - Geneva is a nationally known artist specializing in watercolor and oil paintings of animals and landscapes. The gallery on Main Street in Washington also features handmade jewelry, note cards, hand-painted tiles and ornaments. 

R. H. Ballard - Southern Living magazine voted this unique shop and gallery one of "TOP 50 SHOPS IN THE SOUTH." French jacquard tablecloths, fine gifts, art, Oriental rugs. 

August Georges - After a ten-year hiatus, August Georges is back, reinvented with beautiful must-haves for your home! 

Rare Finds - Rare Finds indeed! Primitives? Got 'Em! Crafties? Got 'Em! Whimsy? Got 'Em!! Lovely and artful handmade jewelry, just imported from Turkey. These pieces are each one of a kind, created and produced by a Turkish family. Lovely and unique purses just imported from Italy. 

Gay Street Gallery - Gay Street Gallery presents the work of select, award-winning artists from Virginia and around the country. With a focus on representational landscape and figurative paintings, the Gallery also shows sculpture and other three-dimensional art. 

The Inn's Farmer's Market - if you are here on Saturday morning during the Spring, Summer or Fall you have to go to the Farmers Market. Hosted by Patrick O'Connell, one of the world's top chefs, this is a farmers Market like no other. Held in the village garden of Little Washington every Saturday from 10-2 all season until the end of October.

Little Washington Spa - Little Washington Wellness & Spa was named as the place to relax when you visit Virginia Wine Country by Food & Wine Magazine. Stop in for a massage.

Little Washington Theatre - This theatre hosts unique concert events in an up close and personal style with world class artists you typically only see in the large event venues. See A Midsummer Night's Dream, Smithsonian, an evening of Jazz with Bill Harris, Circa Blue, Chaise Lounge and more this season.



Two miles West of Skyline Vineyard Inn 

Sperryville is the tiny village named the best small town in Virginia and best weekend getaway in Virginia by Huffington Post. Founded in 1820, this farm village is known for its old-time charm. Located near the Appalachian Trail and along the Civil War Trails, you're surrounded by a rich history of Americana. The village is a popular dining spot, offering a selection of restaurants, eateries, and an Internet café/coffee shop. Lots of roadside market stands come alive as produce becomes available.

Before & After - our espresso cafe and wine bar. Located at the foot of Skyline Drive, Before & After is a great place to grab a coffee, eat a healthy lunch, or meet friends for wine after hours. Locals come to meet and work. Hikers and passers through come to energize before a day of exploring or to share stories of their adventures.

Copper Fox Antiques - 30,000 square feet of antiques, furniture, books and collectibles. Wild Root Apothecary is located here as well as Flourish Root Floral, Heritage Hollow Farm Store and Pen Druid Brewery. Located just off of Route 211 at the end of River Lane. 

Sperryville Schoolhouse - Eat.Drink.Play.Shop. is the mantra here. Located in the old red Schoolhouse building in Sperryville you'll find Headmasters Pub - our casual sports bar, live music on weekends and an exquisite collection of antique furniture. High end selection at a moderate price. 

Glassworks Gallery - The largest, most unusual gallery in the area, with unique, top-quality local artwork and gifts — hand-blown art glass, exquisite ceramics, striking jewelry, stained glass, fine sculpture, woodwork, metalwork and many one-of-a-kind pieces. Most of the products are made on the property.Look for the red swinging bridge one mile west of Sperryville.

Haley Fine Art - Fine art, jewelry and sculpture from the region's foremost artists. Revolving shows, group exhibits and demonstrations. Collectors welcome. 

Happy Camper Equipment Co. - Fresh gear for hiking, camping, living.

Juba Mountain Pottery - In her studio and showroom at Juba Mountain Pottery, Susan Dienelt makes and sells elegant but still very functional stoneware pots to be used in the kitchen, at the table and around the home. 

Middle Street Gallery - a regional, nonprofit, artists' cooperative and gallery. 21 members include highly acclaimed painters, sculptors, photographers and workers in multimedia. 

Sperryville Pottery - A great shop for pottery and unique, locally made, gifts! Suzanne Zylonis, resident potter, will work with you on a custom commission, or teach you — or your group — the fine art of throwing a clay vessel of your own! 

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Guided Hikes and Overnights - Hiking in Shenandoah National Park (SNP) is a peak experience, with some 500 miles of trails covering the most scenic stretches, including 101 miles of the iconic Appalachian Trail. Lace up your boots and let's go! Get a guidebook in our gift shop or ... We hire the best certified trail guides in SNP to take our guests on hikes and overnight backpacking adventures. If you are interested in a one-day or overnight guided hiking adventure, hit "Contact Us" on the navigation bar to the left and we'll be glad to tell you all about it and help you set the whole thing up!

Shenandoah River Adventures - Just across the mountain from us is the Shenandoah River. We work with the best outfitters offering guided raft, kayak and tubing adventures on the river. If you are interested in a guided river adventure hit "Contact Us" on the navigation bar to the left and we'll be glad to tell you all about it and help you set the whole thing up!

Fly Fishing - Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly fish? It's been said that time spent with a fly rod in your hand adds 'extra time' to your life. The Shenandoah River is one of the top fishing spots on the East Coast and we've got the best guides to take you on this big adventure. If you are interested in a guided fly fishing adventure hit "Contact Us" on the navigation bar to the left and we'll be glad to tell you all about it and help you set the whole thing up!

Guided adventures do require advance planning, so if you are interested in adding mountain hikes or river adventures to your relaxation, let us know in advance so we can make it happen for you!



Shenandoah National Park - Just 5 miles from Skyline Vineyard Inn, you'll find the Thornton Gap entrance to Skyline Drive. Go meandering. Cascading waterfalls, spectacular vistas, quiet wooded hollows, 200,000 acres of protected lands are haven to black bears, deer, songbirds, the night sky … and you. There are many hiking trails and 75 scenic overlooks to stop and take in the panoramas. Don't forget President Hoovers Summer House and the SNP museum at Big Meadow. Be sure to stop at Skyland Resort for the famous Blackberry Ice Cream Pie. Go west on Route 211 and you will see the Thornton Gap ranger station to enter the park. 

Our Favorite Resources for all of the area's Outdoor Adventures:

Stonewall Abbey Wellness - Bet you've never been to a gym like this one before! Offering a variety of specialty events and classes all throughout the year. Workshops on yoga, qigong, Thai Massage, meditation, martial arts and more. Seminars with renowned instructors. Fun on the water all summer long with paddle boards. Many ways to Lift Body, Mind & Spirits! Day Pass, Weekend Pass and Couples Pass available in advance or at the door. -  Our new favorite resource for hiking. You will be entering Shenandoah National Park through the George Washington Lee District (button #18). From there it will show you all the hikes and places to go. Download the app so you have it in your pocket.

Bear Mountain Ziplines -  Just across the mountain before you enter Luray. See what you're missing from on top of the trees. Highly recommend this to families and couples. A great team building activity for businesses too!

Schoolhouse Nine - Experience the tranquil beauty of Rappahannock County, nestled in the shadow of Old Rag and the Blue Ridge Mountains. This unique golf course features nine challenging par-3 holes, ranging in length from 85-171 yards. The course meanders through a series of native wildflower meadows bordered by the Thornton River and the historic ruins of the original Smoot Tannery. 9 holes is just the right number for an offsite team building exercise or sunrise/sunset adventure.

Luray Caverns - Just past the park on 211, Luray caverns have been inspiring guests for 125 years. Guided tours available daily. 


Montpelier Estate - James Madison’s Montpelier, including the house and 2600 acre property recently reopened to the public after having been a private residence for over 80 years. Tours are available daily. 

Monticello - Thomas Jefferson designed and redesigned his home many times over his lifetime. The house includes 2500 acres, gorgeous gardens and spectacular views. The estate is located about 1 hour from Skyline Vineyard Inn, at Charlottesville Virginia. 

Charlottesville - Charlottesville is our go-to town. It has been named America's #1 town. This little city of approximately 40,000 residents is located in the heart of Virginia and is home to the University of Virginia, Monticello, and a wide variety of shopping and dining. The #1 pedestrian mall in America - the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a meal under the stars. C'Ville is about an hour south of us. Getting there is half the fun, winding along the mountains!

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