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Skyline Vineyard Inn Blending Lab

Skyline Vineyard Inn Blending Lab

DIY MAsterpiece of Wine




Winemaker for a day ... Mix and match single varietals to make your own perfect masterpiece of wine. Our unique wine blending lab lets you experiment with your own concoctions. Our practiced Wine pros will load you up with six varietals in test tubes (and a sip of our own masterpiece blend "George") then guide you through an in-depth understanding of grape varietals and their flavor profiles so you can create your own masterpiece of wine.

If you come upon a crazy amazing blend, enter it into our blending competition and you might win a stay at Skyline Vineyard Inn. Your favorite recipes can be kept in our files so that you can call us up and order bottles/cases of your own wine.

This hands-on experience is ideal for a daytrip excursion (we're 60 miles west of Washington DC), making memories on vacation, a unique date, girls’ get-together or team building break-out sessions for your next corporate outing.

Classes held Saturdays and Sundays 1pm and 3pm

$40 per person (vouchers accepted)





65 Clark Lane, Washington Virginia 



The Skyline Vineyard Inn Blending Lab is making wine tasting fun again with mixology sessions that let you experiment with your own concoctions. Mix and match single varietals to make your own perfect masterpiece of wine. Are you a fan of fruity, soft, velvety Merlot? Mix in 60 percent Merlot, 30 percent Syrah and 10 percent Cabernet Franc and see what happens. Swap the first two varietals and with Syrah as the base you’ll experience an entirely new big, bold, spicy blend.

If you want to leave the wine making up to, well, the winemakers, the Blending Lab also operates as a regular tasting room, where you can try the world's iconic masterpiece blends and single varietals and enjoy food and wine pairings on the wrap around "Gone With The Wind" Porch.

Noon-5pm - Saturday and Sunday Only - Relax to a delightful view with a glass of wine and a pairing lesson on Skyline Vineyard Inn's expansive 'Gone With The Wind' Porch. Our Pairings menu has munchable platter choices to share plus pairing samplers that teach you lessons about pairing food and wine.

The adventures at the Skyline Vineyard Inn Tasting Room include:

  1. Wine Blending Class - Mixology pros will guide you through the entire process of making a masterpiece of wine. You will get to make your own personal perfect blend. Register for the class in advance - choose Saturdays and Sundays 1pm or 3pm. $40 per person (vouchers accepted)  Book It Here
  2. Walk-In Self-Guided Wine Blending Session - With assistance as needed, Mix and match single varietals to make your own perfect masterpiece of wine - $30 per test tube rack  - enough for 2 to share.
  3. The Blending Lab also operates as a regular tasting room, where you can try the world's iconic masterpiece blends - $10 per person
  4. Enjoy a glass of wine - $10 per glass - on the "Gone With The Wind" Porch.
  5. Lunchable pairings on the Porch


  • The Choco~Vino Challenge Sampler - 3 wines and 3 truffles - $17
  • The Cheeseology Sampler - 4 wines and 4 cheeses - $17
  • The Triple Threat Sampler - Cheese, Chocolate & 3 Wines - $19
  • The Dessert & Wine Pairing Sampler - 3 wines and 3 desserts - $17
  • The Molecular Pairing (sandwich, chips & a perfectly paired glass of wine) - $19


  • The Artisan Charcuterie Board - Assorted Cheeses, Salamis & Bread - $22
  • The Brie Wheel - warmed with dipping sauces, crackers & breads -  $22
  • The Curious Nosh Tray - a platter of cool random nibblers - $19


Little Washington Winery

Little Washington Winery


Little Washington Winery

72 Christmas Tree Lane, Washington, VA

Walk-In Wine Tastings 11am-5pm every Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Enter Little Washington Winery at Christmas Tree Lane - just past Clark Lane on 211


  • "George" our wine that was named the #1 red wine in Virginia
  • "Shenandoah Steel" our wine that was named the #3 white wine in Virginia
  • Our gold medal U-Turn Cab Franc
  • Our gold medal Que Syrah
  • Our newest release, "Pink", a rare Petit Verdot based Rose that is awesome!
  • Our Old World Oak Chardonnay - a rich creamy, buttery chard
  • And Meet Virginia - the Viognier that wins best in show everywhere she goes! She is definitely the perfect garden party playmate!
  • Along with our own wines, we adopt the most incredible wines you'll never find without us from small micro-wineries like ours. We always feature 3 wines that are not ours on our wildly popular Dirt Road Wine Tour. Tastings are different here every day! You get to taste grapes you've never heard of, iconic blends and learn a new lesson every time!

Did you know we teach 12 wine classes here? Wine Ed Classes happen every Saturday and Sunday at Little Washington Winery. Our wine & food classes have become the top rated classes in the DC region. 4-5 classes are offered every weekend, making it fun and interesting every time you come back to visit. Seating is very limited for these events. Go to our class calendar to purchase & reserve seats for classes.

Visit the Winery Website

The SpeakEasy

The SpeakEasy

Bar? ... What Bar?

Our SpeakEasy is open for Skyline Vineyard Inn over-night guests to stretch out the day, so that time may not hinder carousing and play. BYOB from Little Washington Winery and try to find the SpeakEasy! Eventually we will show you the secret passage so that you can feel free to stay up playing pool, watching the game and enjoying a nostalgic infatuation with the good old days of prohibition.


The Vintner's Table

The Vintner's Table

Coming Soon!

Join us at our Vintner's Table to explore regionally themed food & wine pairings. Pairing food with wine does not need to be a complicated affair! Rather than a set of rules to follow, it is more a case of simply bearing in mind a couple of guidelines:

  Food: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami.

  Wine: sugar, tannin, alcohol, body.

We'll teach you how to recognize perfect pairing flavors as we taste foods & wines from Piedmont, Tuscany and Sicily in Italy, Switzerland, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Provence in France, Spain, South Africa, Argentina, and all over America too. We'll focus in on one region at a time.

Food & Wine classes happen every weekend. Please go to our class calendar to purchase & reserve seats.


The Teaching Kitchen

The Teaching Kitchen

Coming Soon!

Bring out your inner chef and come play! Our Teaching Kitchen hosts culinary classes with guest chefs, winemakers, sommeliers, chocolatiers, cheesemongers and more. Tasting is encouraged and your inner chef is invited to play.

  Learn to handle butcher knives like a samurai!

  See for yourself why the shape of your wine glass really matters!

  Blend your own perfect bottle of wine & take a bottle home!

  Make truffles with one of our chocolatiers & learn to perfectly pair chocolate & wine!

Hands-on time with our foodie guides will teach you how to be as cool in the kitchen as you are everywhere else. Our Food & Wine Classes happen every weekend. Seating is very limited. Please go to our class calendar to purchase & reserve seats.


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